What we do….

We help with these questions:

  • What will your legacy be? 

    Legacy is about  finding our place in the world, and to translate what is inside of us into a unique offering that is valuable to others.

  • What will be your significant contribution?

  • Your mark that you were here, what will it be?


Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests.


    (The difference from being a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none vs. the go-to-person acknowledged for their core focus of expertise AND in demand)

    Answer this and you will know what direction to take in your marketing, your content, your TIME.

 Niches are at the heart of every successful business, product or service.

  • What is meaningful to you?

  • You want to accomplish greatness, what does it look like?

  • How can you share your experience, your wisdom, your knowledge, your gifts with the world?

  • How can it be profitable?

  • Who is your tribe that gets it?

  • How can it serve the greater good?

  • What is your story to share with others?

    People want to relate…they want to see you as human, your personality, your individuality. They want to know how did someone with your unique interests and life experience become a renowned expert in this one particular thing? What brought you here, how did you get here? You have to be able to tell your story.


We help with new ways of thinking, new conversations, new ways of working together and new forms of collaborations that do good.

Coaching/Consulting Leadership



Finding your TRIBE of like minded and supportive team members

Networking is a misunderstood term today, because it implies friendship with people who are, in reality, only mere acquaintances. There is a better way. 

Whatever you long to create in the world, it comes down to one simple thing:
making connections AND building friendships.

The more deeply and authentically you can build those friendships, the more you can achieve with them.

No one can do it alone.


Strong relationships have always been the key to a successful venture and, in today’s fast-paced world full of distractions, maintaining strong human connections is more important than ever. Forming strategic relationships is vital.

The idea is to develop mutually advantageous partnerships and relationships with individuals & organizations locally, nationally and globally. This work can be summed up with the IDEAS method:

• Identify potential partnerships, resources and shared opportunities
• Develop both formal and informal relationships with the greatest potential
• Engage internal and external resources to strengthen the relationships
• Assess value of relationships in a continuous manner
• Sustain responsible engagement with other organizations